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(Business Critical)
Platinum Plus
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Helpdesk Coverage 8 x 5 Local Time 24 x 7 24 x 7
Target Response Times
    Severity 1 2 hrs. 2 hrs. 1 hr.
    Severity 2 4 hrs. 4 hrs. 2 hrs.
    Severity 3 8 hrs. 8 hrs. 2 hrs.
Max. Admins per Contract 4 6 Unlimited
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  • Helpful Product Links

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    Nutanix Home Page

  • Drivers and Firmware

    Helpful links to the most current and updated Drivers and Firmware ...

    Nutanix Home Page

  • Tech Support

    Our dedicated staff is thrilled to assist you with any questions or particulars you might have for our products!  We love these appliances and actually take pleasure helping you with your systems.  Please complete the following form to get our attention.

  • RMA Request

    Nutanix appliances are designed and built with the most advanced and reliable hardware available today.  On rare occasion, there may be a piece of equipment that fails prematurely.  We’re sorry to hear that perhaps something hasn’t performed perfectly or to your expectations, but be assured that we’ll do everything we can to make it right

  • RMA Procedures

    • 1. When 3Wire receives your completed online RMA request form, we will determine whether equipment is faulty and issue an RMA if appropriate.  3Wire reserves the right to ship an FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) when merely a feature needs replacement.

    • 2. In the event 3Wire provides customer with an advanced-replacement or cross-shipment of equipment, 3Wire requires a credit card authorization.  If the defective equipment is not returned within 10 days, we may convert the authorization to a proper charge.

    • 3. 3Wire will bear shipping costs inbound and outbound for DOA warranty items within first 30-days.

      3Wire will bear shipping costs for return of equipment to customer for standard warranty items.  If expedited return of equipment is desired by customer, please provide shipping account and instructions.

    • 4. If an entire system is to be returned, it must be in the original packaging on a pallet.  Hard drives must be returned in a properly protected box complete with appropriate amounts of secured foam or bubble wrap surrounding all sides.  Peanuts, popcorn or newspaper are NOT appropriate packing materials for returning hard drives.  All electronic equipment must be properly packaged in an anti-static (ESD) bag.

    • 5. In the event that customer has caused damages to any in-warranty equipment, 3Wire will work towards a solution on a case-by-case basis.  Please provide cause of damage and photographs so that we can create a BOM and quotation for replacement parts.